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IE 8: Acid2 test pass complete

IEBlog tells us with its newest entry from 19th December 2007, that the unbelievable and from many web developers around the world long wished capability of the Internet Explorer on the path to web standards compliance comes true: the forthcoming and heavily in developing state being Internet Explorer 8 will pass the Acid2 test! The IE developer team, working hard on their next version of Internet Explorer, has checked in lots of code into the core rendering engine in the last couple of days, that enables IE 8 to pass the test of the WaSP.

There is an interesting video interview on Channel9, on which IE GM Dean Hachamovitch and IE Architect (and, btw., Co-chair of the W3C HTML Working Group) Chris Wilson tell us about the challenge, and why it is important to ultimately widely support web standards, which Acid2 is a very good written test for checking and proofing very basic and important things of the web browser's web standards capabilities. The video also contains a chat with the people, who actually write all the stuff into the browser's codebase.

It has taken Microsoft years to recognise that developers want to have a web browser that supports web standards. It seems to be, that they finally have listened to what they have begged for from web developers worldwide since years: stick widely to the standards as they are written down into the recommendations of the W3C, which Microsoft's ambassadors in the working groups of the W3C have co-worked, co-decided and co-degreed since years.

Bravo and Kudos to the IE-Team doing simply their expected homework and finally catching up with the standards and the other web browsers out there on a very basic field.

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