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W3C Markup Validator v0.8.2 released

W3CToday sees the 13th release of the W3C Markup Validation service since, well, since the W3C started making formal releases for what was then known as the HTML Validator.


0.8.2 is mostly a maintenance version, with a number of bug fixes, a big performance fix, and a few UI improvements for accessibility and usability. It is now, among other things, easier to:

  • revalidate a document, even in the direct input or file upload modes
  • use the validator with a screen reader
  • validate standalone SVG documents
  • validate a specific representation of a content-negotiated resource

These changes and more are listed in the validator's news page.

You can also install and use this Markup Validator offline in a local network. For convenience use, ready-to-use binary packages for several Linux distributions like Fedora/Red Hat Linux, openSUSE Linux and Debian Linux do exist (see Source code availability for the W3C Markup Validator).

Since openSUSE 10.3, the w3c-markup-validator package at version 0.8.1 is included as an official part of the openSUSE 10.3 distribution. As the releases before, the most recent release packages for openSUSE Linux are public available here at, at the official openSUSE software repository or at its mirrors.

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