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August 2007

W3C Markup Validator v0.8.1 released

W3CVersion 0.8.1 of the W3C Markup Validator, a bug fix release in the development of the validator, has been released today by the W3C Quality Assurance Team. It adresses the following issues:

  • Bug Fix: changed set up of parser responsible for checking XML well-formedness, which would retrieve schemas for entities each time the validator would run.
  • Bug Fix: the validator would incorrectly complain about HTML/XML named entities (such as ©).
  • Bug Fix: fixing referer checking when running with Apache and mod_perl2.
  • Bug Fix: the validator would crash when called from browsers with rare language preference settings
  • ... and small performance and code cleanup fixes

For details of the changes, please read the News for the W3C Markup Validator.

You can also install and use this Markup Validator offline, meaning on a local host or local network. For convenience use, ready-to-use binary packages for several Linux distributions like Fedora/Red Hat Linux, openSUSE Linux and Debian Linux do exist. See Source code availability for the W3C Markup Validator for further information about how to get these packages. Official openSUSE packages of the W3C Markup Validator are public available again here at, at the official openSUSE software repository or at its mirrors. The w3c-markup-validator package is also scheduled to be an official part of the openSUSE 10.3 distribution.

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