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IE7 Beta2

Recently, Microsoft has published the Second Public Beta of the forthcoming and long awaiting Internet Explorer 7, addressed to developers and web developers to test it.

According to IEBlog Layout Complete Announced at MIX06, Internet Explorer 7 is feature-complete, what means, that what now is not implemented yet in IE7, won't be implemented in the final version. Only heavy bugs and security holes will be fixed from now on the road to the final version. Especially web developers and web agencies are encouraged to test their websites against IE7's capabilities. On IEBlog Call to action The demise of CSS hacks and broken pages, Microsoft engages web developers and webmasters to make existing webpages ready for IE7, what means, to throw out legacy IE-only browser hacks, which break IE7.

First reviews on IE7 are published by Eric Meyer and Dave Shea, who are specialists according webstandards. Their eyes are primary sticked on IE7's capabilities respecting current web standards. It is worth, reading their blogs regulary to track, what is said to IE7's pros and cons.

I ihave installed IE7Beta2 at home since 3 days, and my first impressions are mixed. Not only the GUI remembers me very strong to Firefox. Also the dialogues are equally designed. IE7's tabs are known since years from Mozilla's and Opera's web browsers. My own focus in valueing IE7, heavily lies in testing its implementation of web standards. From this point of view, I can't state too much, I have to make several tests for my own in the near future.
A very positive first impression is, that is rendered by IE7 much better than any prior version. What lacks, is among several other things, the full implementation of CSS2 and CSS3 pseudo classes, which lead to a correct rendering of nested lists markup and Hyperlinks of this website. What also is incomplete, is a fullblown implementation of Unicode-specific Markup Entities. This is a pity, because other competing browsers like Firefox or Opera since the upcoming version 9 do a much better job.

There are still a lot things to do for the IE team to reach the capabilities of browsers like Firefox, Opera or Safari, which give the user a much better experience in browsing the web than IE ever was able to give.

I will test IE7 furthermore, but as far as I can see from now, I will never change my default browser into IE.
What I can see from now, the IE team has closed up a little bit to Firefox, Opera and Safari and now is there, where these browsers have been 2 years ago. Still no thrill to me to switch to IE.

Stay tuned...

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